Copel (Japan)Early Childhood Education Program

QualificationCorporation & Individual
Initial Investment96,518USD(ex. Tax)
CategoriesChildhood Education
Recruitment AreaChina,HongKong/Macao,Indonesia,Japan,Laos,Malaysia,Myanmar,Philippines,Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan,Thailand,Vietnam
Agreement TypeDirect Franchise
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Make the world a better place through education

Our goal is to realize the full potential of children by providing the best education that is found only at Copel. A brighter future lies in the eyes of happy children.

Profitability of learning centers under direct management of Copel

Students between 0 to 6 years of age at directly managed learning centers maintain enrollment for about 3.5 years on average. For every student you can see a return of about 350,000 JPY.

Overview of Copel educational program

Children get bored if they see the same material over and over again. We use completely different material in every single one-hour lesson. To provide many different methods and materials requires an enormous amount of learning resources, however we always strive for excellence so all children can experience the joy of learning.

Learning Resource Loan Service

Resources cover six years’ worth of lessons or 42 weekly lessons per year, totaling 252 weekly lessons.

Copel (Japan)
Original Learning Resource
Original Learning Resource

3-year-old-class Digest

Message from franchisearch Asia

A strong connection between the right and left brain
Children will reach their full potential if the connection between the right and left-brain are triggered and strengthened.

Basic Information

Initial Investment 96,518USD(ex. Tax)
Store size 33~66 sqm
Training Headquarters supports your hiring process by sharing our hiring standards and guidelines for selection based on managerial experiences. Training will be based on our Instructor Development Schedule.
Follow Up After the official opening of a classroom, Copel will provide feedback on your site’s lessons.
Branches Original:15 / Franchise:25

Balance Model & Contract terms

Balance Model
Sales Cost 2.5%
Labor Cost 23.0%
Other Cost 40.0%
Operating Profit 34.5%
Contract terms
Agreement Type Direct Franchise
Franchising fee 24,568USD(ex. Tax)
Deposit 2,632USD(Tax-Free)
Royalty Sales ratio:20% /Month(ex. Tax)
Contract period 5years
Renewal fee 0USD(ex. Tax)
Note Training fee: 75,000 JPY per Person
Support fee: 4,100,000 JPY
Publishing: 1,600,000JPY
Calculated by the USD/JPY=113.9680(Last updated:2017-11-02 00:00)

Get in touch with me

Company Copel Co., Ltd. Agent Name CEO Nobuyuki Otsubo
Capital 475,000USD Annual Sales 4,689,675USD
Founding 2009 URL
Address 1-7-30,Momochinama,Sawara-Ku,Fukuoka City,Japan,8140001
Phone +81-92-892-4152 Fax +81-92-892-4153

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Copel (Japan)Early Childhood Education Program
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