Tea-Time EFL for childrenPractice makes Perfect

QualificationCorporation & Individual
Initial Investment32,000USD(ex. Tax)
CategoriesChildhood Education
Recruitment AreaChina,Japan,South Korea,Other Asia
Agreement TypeDirect Franchise
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What is Tea-Time EFL?

The Tea-Time EFL program is for children ages 3-6 and 6-9 years old.
The program is a play-based program that uses role-plays and high-quality teaching props to engage children in activities they are naturally interested in doing.
This type of activity keeps childrens' attention span, which is the main hurdle for effective teaching with young children. It is not a text-book based program, which does not work for children. The teachers use a system of teaching techniques developed by Dr. Dave Cornell in his 20+ years of experience. Over 90% of parents that see the program in action with existing students want to enroll their child. The key features of the Tea-Time program include the results-driven outcomes of children being able to speak in complete and complex sentneces, with proper pronunciaton and intonation. In addition, the themes within the program include science-based subjects that are common in kindergartens and primary schools.

Tea-Time EFL for children
State of the Market
State of the Market

The program is highly effective.

The most cost-effective way to recruit new students is through the word of mouth of happy parents. Once the program is in place, students will come as a result of parents talking to other parents. There is no need to waste funds on placing ads in magazines or websites, therefore the sales costs will be nearly zero. This is based on my experience with the program and the experience of the first franchisee. Over 90% of parents that see the class in action with current students immediately want to enroll their child. The program is highly effective.


Follow Up by Dr. Cornell

Dr. Cornell also holds monthly meetings with all teachers and monitors classroom performance via webcam. The meetings are positive and encouraging to create a positive teaching attitude which is necessary when teaching very young children. Dr. Cornell has trained teachers in 8 countries for more than 20 years and is the best person to interact with teachers new to the system.


He is an excellent public speaker and capable of highlighting the benefits of the program in a professional and persuasive manner. Dr. Cornell can also provide your website with plenty of content that explains the program's philosophy and methods in very simple and easy to understand way of explaining.


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Basic Information

Initial Investment 32,000USD(ex. Tax)
Store size 80~400 sqm
Training Dr. Cornell trains all teachers in the system of techniques that he has developed over the last 20+ years.
Follow Up Dr. Cornell is also available for on-site presentations on opening days and other business-related events.
Branches Original:1 / Franchise:1

Balance Model & Contract terms

Balance Model
Sales Cost 0.0%
Labor Cost 15.0%
Other Cost 13.0%
Operating Profit 72.0%
Contract terms
Agreement Type Direct Franchise
Franchising fee 27,000USD(ex. Tax)
Deposit 3,000USD(Tax-Free)
Royalty Sales ratio:10% /Month(ex. Tax)
Contract period 5years
Renewal fee 15,000USD(ex. Tax)
Note The initial contract is for 5 years with a renewal fee that is nearly half of the initial opening fee.

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Company Dr. Dave Cornell Agent Name Dr. Dave Cornell
Capital Annual Sales
Founding URL http://mysunflowerbaby.com/
Address 1600,Gardiner Lane,room 141,Louisville,Ky.,USA,40205
Phone +86-183-0264-1372 Fax

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Tea-Time EFL for childrenPractice makes Perfect
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