1. What kind of website is this?

Our website provides the franchise and event(seminar) information so that you can find it all on one website. Also, it allows the users to send a request if they would like to receive the franchise brochures such as application forms, details, leaflets for both the franchise and the seminar.

2. What kind of people could use this site?

Our website is suitable for both individual investors who are looking for an opportunity to start their own business or the company that is looking for a new business to invest in.

3. How much is this site service fee?

We have provided the free information about the franchise business and the details of the events(seminars). (A participant might have to pay to attend some events(seminars), please recheck the details again)

4. What are the benefits using this site? (USP)

You will get an update of the new franchises and the events(seminars) through the channel that you applied and are able to compare the franchise brands. It is a free service to request more details and the application form to apply for the franchises and event(seminars).

5. Please tell me a popular Franchise.

We have a ranking system that keeps updating the number of the materials that have been requested on our website. Therefore, we can tell what business is popular at that time and be able to separate them by the type of business such as food business, retail business, and mores.

Best Seller

6. What are the benefits if I join a member of this site?

You can request for information materials and apply to participate in events(seminars) without member registration.

7. Please tell me how to register of the member.

Click here to register if you become a member.

Member Registration

8. If I want to promote my franchise business or seminar event. How do I place the ads on this website.

Please make inquiries using the inquiry form or info@franchisearch.asia if you want to contact us.

Inquiry form

9. Who manages this site?

Please see Our Team.

10. Safety and Security of this site.

Please refer to ‘Privacy & policy’. We do make efforts to observe the law of Personal Information Protection and protect your personal information on the website.

Privacy & Policy

11. Mobile Optimization

You can enjoy franchise Asia at any devices.

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